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Where strength multiplies, voices unite, and change blossoms.


All of our programs are community centered. We focus on working within organizations and groups that are already established.

Through a supportive community, we can amplify our impact, promote open dialogue, and foster a sense of belonging for those seeking understanding and empowerment in menstrual health. Together, we forge a powerful network that drives change, advocates for menstrual equity, and uplifts women worldwide.

Throw a Period Party

Our Period Party Toolkit is a downloadable kit available online, providing all the essential tools to host a vibrant period party and become a reproductive health advocate.


With this comprehensive resource, anyone can join the movement, raise awareness, and foster positive conversations surrounding menstrual health.


Empowering individuals to make a lasting impact, the Period Party Toolkit is a catalyst for change, making reproductive health advocacy accessible to all.

Doctors Office Resources

A specialized toolkit created by medical professionals, for medical professionals; Doctors Care provides OBGYNs with essential educational resources for their patients' reproductive health.


This comprehensive toolkit equips OBGYNs with informative materials, including brochures and personalizable ebooks, enabling them to empower their patients with knowledge during appointments.


With Doctors Care, OBGYNs can enhance the doctor-patient relationship and facilitate informed decision-making, ultimately promoting better reproductive health outcomes.



Let's Collaborate: Nonprofits, we're here to support your initiatives. Contact us to explore how we can work together to bring menstrual health to your community.


Flowing in harmony with nature's rhythm and embracing the call of the seasons.

Spread the Message, Spark Change

Explore a wealth of shareable one-page resources, ideal for placing in locations where people can easily access valuable information to share with friends and empower their communities."

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