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Everyone has the right to body literacy.


One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Discover our comprehensive collection of free online courses and downloadable resources, designed to educate and empower individuals on reproductive health.

We partnered with educational leaders to create a curriculum and an educational experience that can be transmuted across the world through our powerful digital platform and health clubs.

From interactive modules to informative guides, our accessible resources cover a wide range of topics, including menstrual health, body literacy, and preventative care.


Insufficient reproductive health education can lead to increased stigma and shame around sexuality, which leads negatively impacts the mental health and well-being of teenagers.

Only 36% of girls in low-income countries have access to information about menstruation.  UNESCO

Learning about my cycle, hormones, and feminine wisdom changed my life. It has given me the tools to take care of myself while building a deeper connection with my needs and how they impact my daily life.

When I found Divine Drops, my confidence, knowledge, and community grew while I contributed to building a world where every woman could live in harmony with themselves through education, self-knowledge and sorority.
Paola Mexico
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