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Empower yourself with knowledge and prioritize your well-being. Explore our abundant resources on menstrual health, unlocking a wealth of insights for your holistic journey.

Can't find what you need? Email us at for any questions or resources and we will try our best to help!


Doctor's Visit Prep 

Use this OBGYN certified EBOOK to understand many aspects of your cycle and integrate it into a very productive Women's Health Check Up. 


Puberty and anatomy

Puberty is an exciting journey when our teenagers have enough information. Know about the body, its changes, needs and new responsabilities for this new stage.


Menstrual cup 101

The Menstrual cup is one of the most powerful resources for a comfortable period. How to choose the perfect for me? How to use it? How to take care of it? Answer all your questions and concerns.


Underwear and menstrual pads

Mesntrual Pads and Period Panties could be your besties during your period. Know their beneffits, conditions and choose the best for your personal needs. 


Understanding birth control options

Explore all the available Birth Control Options, how do they work and how to choose one according to your needs and lifestyle.


Reusable menstrual products

Change from disposable products to long-lasting solutions, choose the correct for you and explore their beneffits.


Exercising your cycle

Understand your capacity and workout according to your phases, approaching any aspect of each phase and learning to listen to your body in your routines.


Cycle for boys

Understanding the cycle is a Sexual Responsability for our boys. Learn about the feminine cycle, fertility, menstrual needs and contraception for a more equal world.


Our cycle

Know the feminine cycle, their phases and how to addapt your lifestyle to their pros and cons. Unlock your femenine wisdom and start to live a period in power.


Eating for your cycle

Start the healing journey of eating listening to your actual needs, learn how to balance your hormones with your daily food and improve your self-knowledge.

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