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Education Content

Empower yourself with knowledge and prioritize your well-being.


Explore our abundant resources on menstrual health, unlocking a wealth of insights for your holistic journey.

Period Party Pack

Transform into a champion for reproductive health.

Our all-encompassing period party pack lets everyone participate in the movement, spark crucial discussions about menstrual health, and amplify awareness.

Advocacy Quiz

Join the movement for awareness by taking our interactive quiz. Expand your understanding, share your results, and inspire others to join the cause.

Take the quiz now and contribute to a brighter future!

Period Poverty
Fact Sheet

Shedding light on a pressing issue, our Period Poverty Fact Sheet provides eye-opening insights and information.


Understand the challenge and join us in breaking barriers for a period-positive world

Divine Drops

Spread awareness effortlessly with our informational brochure, a valuable resource containing easily digestible content ideal for sharing and enlightening others.

Advocacy Pack

Elevate your voice and drive change with our advocacy pack. Packed with tools and insights, it empowers you to be a proactive advocate, igniting progress in the causes you're passionate about.

Includes our Advocacy Pack & Period Activists Basics.

Impact Calculator

Measure your potential for change with our Impact Calculator. Estimate the positive ripple effect of your actions and see the difference you can make.


Calculate your impact now and start creating a better world!

Period Journal

Elevate your period experience with our Period Journal. Discover insights, cultivate mindfulness, and celebrate the rhythm of your body.


Start journaling for a healthier, harmonious you..



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