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Partner in period power.

Our super strength is in collaboration. We believe in the work that amazing organizations, educators and companies are currently doing. Through partnerships, we can bring big change. 

We have the passion and vision for high quality, affordable (& reusable!) period products. You have the communities, education and financial support we need to CHANGE the cycle. 

Community Partner

Join with our team so we can share our resources and blessings with the community your organization serves. 

Financial Partner

Contribute to a better Earth as you enable menstruators to learn about options that are not only better for their body, but the planet. 

Education Partner

Create opportunities for more health education resources. Impacting community health and future generations to come.

Spread Awareness

Host a period party for your community. Speak on behalf of divine drops or become an education partner 


"I grew up in the Philippines so I immediately understood poverty and how their approach could change lives. I believe Divine Drops has helped improve the lives of women around the world and I am confident it will continue to do this far into the future."


Paul Lessard, President, High Point Community Foundation - Financial Partner 


I've learned that Divine Drops is an all-encompassing organization. A truly holistic offering dedicated to service for humanity and the planet. I'm deeply honored to be a part of this work, to use these products, to receive this education, and to know Mikaela. It takes daily courage and grit to stand up for what this world tries to cover up.


It's going to be a different experience for future generations, and you can feel it


Priscilla Educational Partner

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