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You deserve universal menstrual equity.


Globally, over 2 billion people lack access to basic menstrual health and hygiene education. UNESCO

Here's what we decided to do.


Reusable Products



Menstruators Supported


Pads & Tampons Avoided


Earth for Us to Protect



Our founder Mikaela first met Mary on her first volunteer trip to Asia in 2019. During her journey, she met Mary, a 13-year-old girl living in an orphanage, who was struggling with a lack of safe menstrual products.


Mary's situation was dire, as she was missing many school days due to her worries and embarrassment about others seeing blood from her period.

Mikaela quickly realized that Mary was not the only one facing this challenge. Most of the girls in the orphanage were missing school each month due to this issue, which added up to an astounding 1,200 missed school days every year! Moved by this realization, Mikaela resolved to make a difference in the lives of these girls.

Thanks to Divine Drops' unwavering commitment to providing sustainable menstrual products and health education, 50 girls in the orphanage, including Mary, were able to access the support they needed. The results of this intervention have been remarkable, with a 75% reduction in missed school days since the implementation of Divine Drops' program.

As for Mary, she is no longer missing school or feeling ashamed, Mary can pursue her education with confidence and dignity.  She is now living in period power! 

Now I stand up in class without worry, when I know
the answer

Now that I have products I can reuse every month
and I know my cycle better, I don't worry all the time like I use to. I don't hate that part of my body now!

Mary, 14

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