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Financial Transparency at Divine Drops


We take pride in our fiscal responsibility, ensuring that every donation and resource is utilized efficiently and effectively. We believe in maximizing the impact of each contribution to further our mission.


Curious about where your support goes? Explore the breakdown of our expenses to understand how each dollar contributes to our programs, education initiatives, and sustainability projects.

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At the heart of Divine Drops lies a celebration of the incredible, life-giving menstrual cycles and the divine power of womanhood. Instead of shaming, we seek to provide education and products to those in need.  One pivotal moment occurred when Mikaela witnessed the knowledge gap among healthcare colleagues discussing menstrual cycles. This harsh realization propelled Mikaela into action, inspiring her to take steps to address this global issue.

Our roots trace back to the visionary spirit of our founder, Mikaela. As a travel nurse, her journey across countless countries were punctuated by years of enduring symptomatic periods. Faced with the unjust stigmatization society imposed on this natural process, she reached a pivotal moment of frustration and resolve. Fueled by a burning desire to address the issue at its very core and empower every menstruatorDivine Drops was born.


Our non-profit organization emerged as a beacon of hope, dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring that menstrual dignity knows no bounds.


Period poverty is an all-too-real phenomenon, with billions of young girls and women around the world lacking access to period products and education to take care of themselves during menstruation. As a society, our communities, and governments have been too slow to recognize and act. At Divine Drops, we view period care and products as a basic human right.

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