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Getting Started With Your First Menstrual Cup

Getting Started with a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a small, funnel-shaped, flexible cup manufactured with silicone or rubber. It’s a reusable, feminine hygiene product that women insert into their vaginas to capture period fluid.

Cups can collect more blood than other methods, so many women prefer this eco-friendly alternative to tampons. Depending on the blood flow, a woman can wear a menstrual cup for about 12 hours.

Let us throw light on how to insert and take out a menstrual cup and what advantages you can have using this tiny tool.

Consult Your Gynecologist

Women who are interested in using a menstrual cup during their period time should talk to their gynecologist once. Although you are free to choose any brand from your nearby stores, better find out what size can suit you. The cups are found in small and large versions, but before putting your hand on any one of them, you and your support person should consider:

  • Your age

  • Cup capacity

  • Length of your cervix

  • What blood flow do you usually have?

  • Flexibility and firmness of the cup

  • Strength of your pelvic floor muscles

  • Have you birthed a baby vaginally?

Doctors usually recommend smaller menstrual cups for teens due to natural anatomy. That's our teen cup, which is currently the smallest cup on the market. Our second size the drip is a great standard fit for most bLeaders that have been menstruating for 5 plus years and can work until you have a recent vaginal birth, unless you have a heavy cycle and are wanting more coverage. Women over 30 sometimes need the drop, our largest capacity menstrual cup. This size is suitable for those who have a heavier flow or who have recently delivered vaginally.

What to Do before Inserting Menstrual Cup

You may feel uncomfortable or unsure when using the cup for the first time. Get familiar with the different folds and grab some drop stopper period panties or pads for extra protection when getting the hang of things. Also, using water (shower time) to lubricate the rims before putting in your cup as it makes the job much easier. Picks a comfortable position that you can have good leverage and relaxed muscles.

The Process of Putting in Your Menstrual Cup

If you can insert a tampon, putting in a menstrual cup should not be a difficult job for you. Here are some simple steps, you need to follow to insert your cup.

  • Wash your hands with clean water

  • Apply some water-based lube to the rim of the cup (not mandatory)

  • Fold the cup and hold it in one hand facing the broader end up.

  • Now put the cup into your vagina. Make sure you place it at an angle as your vagina does not angele straight up towards your head.

  • Once you insert it effectively into your vagina, rotate it, and it will spring open, creating an airtight seal that checks leaks. You won’t feel uncomfortable if you have done it correctly. With taking the menstrual cup, you can smoothly sit, stand, move, jump, or perform other activities without your cup falling out. If you’re feeling trouble inserting it, better visit the doctor.

When and How to Take out Your Menstrual Cup

Depending on your blood flow in the period, you can keep your cup in for 6 to 12 hours. It means, this feminine product is quite effective for overnight protection. Remember, you should not wait for more than 12 hours to remove your cup in order to avoid leaks. To take your cup out, here are some simple steps.

  • Wash your hands with water

  • Insert your thumb and index finger into your vagina to pull out the stem of the cup gently.

  • Twitch the base to free the seal or sink

  • When it’s out, empty it into the toilet or sink.

Aftercare of Your Menstrual Cup

You must wash and wipe clean your cup before reinserting it into the vagina. It is recommended to empty your cup at least twice a day. With proper care, your cup can last for 6 months to 10 years as reusable cups are durable. While disposable cups should be instantly thrown away after removal.

Advantages of Using Menstrual Cups

Women choose eco-friendly, reusable menstrual cups because they are

  • Affordable

  • Catch more blood than tampons or pads

  • Environmentally friendlier than pads or tampons

  • It can be put in with an IUD

  • Less irritation and toxins than single use products.

. Most women preferably use cups in their period as they are budget-friendly and safer than tampons. These cups collect blood instead of absorbing it, so there’s zero risk of getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS) or bacterial infection caused by tampon use.

To learn more about our Reusable Menstrual Products, Click here.

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