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Learn About Jessica's First Experience with a Menstrual Cup.

Meet Jessica

Hey ladies, I'm Jessica, 23 years young and currently in PA school at the Medical University of South Carolina and as a student two imperative lifestyle factors for me are convenience and cost. The menstrual cup fits both. I always used tampons growing up, but was horrible at remembering to change it throughout the day, bring extras, and was unreasonably terrified of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

How it all Started

However, when I first saw a few friends switch, then my mom, then my sister, I was intrigued; and now I am obsessed. I bought one cup for around $35 and have never paid for another period product since. I only change it when I wake up and again before bed and I have never been concerned about TSS. Particularly now when I am a student managing class, studying, and extracurriculars, the last thing I want to think about dealing with my period.

Trying a Cup in College

My experience with it has made my roommate and other classmates open up to trying it and they couldn’t agree more; especially when money is tight, we are all minimizing recurrent monthly purchases. Furthermore, living in Charleston where I see the impacts of climate change through flooding consistently, creating waste during my period is no longer a factor of concern when worrying about my climate impact.

The Ultimate Convivence

Plus, living near the beach I have come to realize that the menstrual cup is the most practical option for activities, particularly when wearing a bathing suit. I have always felt comfortable going running or cycling in it; however, this summer, I also learned that wearing this a bathing suit to the beach ended any worry during the day in the water. I have never had to worry about a string coming out, or tampon shifting when in the waves. I have found that in every circumstance so far, using my menstrual cup is the most convenient and costly option and I currently cannot picture a scenario when it is not. Normalize the menstrual cup; let us do it together.

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