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Meet Anna - Know Her Story

Meet Anna Grace Griffin! Anna Grace is a 17-year-old high school student originally from Tennessee. Over recent years, she has struggled with irregular periods. Read below to learn about her and her experience!

  1. Tell me about yourself and why you are passionate about women's health. “My name is Anna Grace and I am a junior in highschool. I am passionate about women’s health because I feel that there are not enough people to advocate for our health. Even though women’s health is much better than it used to be, there are still many doctors who write off our problems and act like they are not real.”

  2. When did you start to notice that something felt off in your body? “I didn’t really notice how irregular my periods were until the last year or so, but looking back now that I have noticed, I think my periods have always been very irregular.”

  3. Tell me about your journey. When it first started, who did you turn to for support and understanding? “I started to notice that I was having an issue with period irregularity about a year ago. When my journey first started, I turned to Daisy for help as she is one of my closest friends.”

  4. If you could go back on this journey, is there something you know now that you would do differently? “If I could go back on this journey I think that I would ask about my struggles sooner. I have still not worked up the courage to say anything to a doctor yet, but I definitely need to do so the next time I go to the doctor.”

  5. What was the most impactful thing you did to support your situation? “I think one of the most impactful things I have done so far is deciding to talk to someone about the issues I am experiencing.”

  6. Tell me about where you are now. How has your life and mindset changed since starting on this long road? “As for now, I have still not really taken the steps that I know I need to take in order to truly help or impact my situation, but my mindset on being scared to say something has changed and I hope that deciding to talk to someone about this will help to change my situation.”

  7. How do you think this experience has shaped you or made you stronger? “I think that it has shaped the way I think about women’s health and periods in general. I hope that it has made me stronger in my attitude towards the stigmas that surround periods and that I have become stronger in my advocacy for my health and well-being.”

  8. What advice do you have for someone dealing with irregular periods? “I think that the best advice I can give right now is just to not be afraid to talk to someone about what you are going through. If your life is being negatively affected by having to deal with irregular periods, then you should speak to someone about it because your life may be improved by doing so.”

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