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Meet Taylor - Know Her Story

Meet Taylor! Taylor Ellis is a sixteen-year-old high school student from North Carolina. Throughout her menstrual journey, she has dealt with heavy bleeding and severe cramps. Read below to hear straight from her about her journey!

  1. Tell us about yourself and why you are passionate about women's health? “I’m taylor and I think it’s important to know about your body and how you should take care of it properly in women's health especially because they go through a lot, and their body changes and develops throughout the years.”

  2. When did you start to notice that something felt off in your body? “It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.”

  3. Tell us about your journey, when it first started, who did you turn to for support and understanding? “My mom. She explained it to me, I thought I was dying.” How did your mom help you in that? “She told me how to use the different products and that I can take pain medication for the pain.”

  4. If you could go back on this journey, is there something you know now that you would do differently? “Not be ashamed of it.”

  5. What was the most impactful thing you did to support your situation? “Not letting it get you down and just continuing with your life even though you have that situation, and doing things to relieve the pain and staying busy to keep your mind off of it.”

  6. Tell me about where you are at now, how has your life and mindset changed since starting on this long road? “It’s definitely gotten worse but I’ve learned to take pain medication, which isn’t always the best route, to ease the pain and learn that if I stay busy it helps me not think about it and not be a couch potato. It’s normal and it’s unfair that guys don’t have to go through it.”

  7. How do you think this experience has shaped you or made you stronger? “Being tough and not allowing pain to influence what I can and can’t do.”

  8. What advice do you have for someone dealing with heavy bleeding/cramps? “To not let it affect your life during that week and just deal with it as best as you can, whether that be taking pain medication or giving your body time to rest or just slowing down for that week.”

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