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Meet Lisa - Know Her Story

Meet Lisa Moody! Over the years, Lisa has faced thyroid issues. Below, she shares her story in her own words of her journey dealing with hyperactive thyroid.

“My name is Lisa Moody. I’m a Practice Administrator for an Optometry group. I care about women’s health issues because so many women in my opinion are unheard when voicing concerns about their health. I’m blessed to have a primary care doctor, who is also a woman, that really listens to my cares and concerns and doesn't rush me out the door.

“In my late 30’s I started having trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety, and weight loss. After a round of lab tests, it was discovered I had hyperthyroidism. My doctor at the time gave me 2 choices. I could have my thyroid removed or I could take a medication that helps stabilize the overactive thyroid. I would have to take the medication for one year. I decided to take the medication. After a year, my thyroid returned to normal and remained normal for 2 years. Then again out of the blue, my labs became abnormal again with an overactive thyroid. My doctor tried to talk me into having my thyroid removed, but I wanted to try medication one more time. This time after 6 months, my thyroid returned to normal. My thyroid levels have remained normal to this date.

“When I turned 55, I decided to have a cardio workup with a company that travels and sets up sites at churches. I had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries, and a view of the ultrasound showed an abnormality of my thyroid. Again, having no issues to this point. I immediately made an appointment with my PCP, Lori Beane. At this point, my previous doctor had retired.

“In the beginning of this thyroid journey, I’m so thankful I spoke up for myself and refused the surgery. I had other options. While not the best, they were the best for me. I know my body. I feel, sometimes, being a woman, I’m not heard. Whether it is work related, relationships or health related please speak up for yourself. No one knows you as well as you do.”

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