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Traveling Mission: Latin America - Improving Global Menstrual Education

Happy 2022! One of the biggest personal lessons Mikaela learned last year was the importance of self care rituals. Even though she has always known how important this was; extending herself into the role as founder of a nonprofit organization and being pulled into so many different directions, she realized she didn't just need to acknowledge it but also take action on it.

She’s also finally acknowledging how much effect the pandemic has had on her energy levels, mood, and sense of well being. The isolation and lack of adventure has taken its toll. So, after a lot of work and so many long hours behind the computer, Divine Drops is finally going to hit the road! Mikaela is starting Divine Drop’s traveling mission to improve global menstrual education and we couldn't be more excited (our new word for nervous).

Mikaela’s first big project of 2022 is to make a 6-8 week trip through part of Latin America to complete a documentary, bring awareness to period poverty, and provide education workshops as well as sustainable menstrual products to girls in need. Divine Drops is partnering with different organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico to create workshops and lay the groundwork for providing more products and education to the millions of women throughout Central America who are experiencing period problems.

Check out this interview to learn more about Mikaela and Divine Drops’ Traveling Mission: Latin America!

How is Divine Drops starting 2022?

2022 is the year of belonging. This is something that resonates so deeply with me as well as with my vision for Divine Drops this year. Finding a place of belonging within this space of holding the Divine Feminine to a higher level and continuing to support the cycle. We are also excited to kick off the year with two new interns who are providing so much value to Divine Drops.

What made you want to go to Latin America?

Personally, I am a hands-on type person and I believe in getting to a certain level with people to have a true understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. Recent studies show that 43% of girls do not want to show up to school during their period. This is a huge problem. Girls between ages 10-18 are missing school days when they have a right to education. It is concerning that girls everywhere are facing these issues due to a lack of body literacy and necessary supplies.

Where are you going first?

We’re starting with Mexico as it is a place very close to my heart. Mexico is special to me because in the beginning of 2021, my vision and ideas for Divine Drops really developed while traveling there. Carrying my laptop everywhere and connecting to wifi from place to place, I would peck away at an idea—a vision—that slowly turned into measurable action. So why not go back to better understand how to save the cycle? And better yet, serve all the beautiful women we cross paths with. So, that's exactly what we are going to do.

What are your intentions for the trip?

We have multiple purposes for this trip. First, we plan to have educational workshops throughout different communities. These workshops will include educational material and classes to better understand how to embrace the cycle, body literacy from a holistic view, and donations of our sustainable period products. We are also planning on having community building activities that create a sense of belonging in spaces where women might feel they don’t belong.

This will be the first time Divine Drops will embark on an international journey like this with a mission to save the cycle. As we know the problem exists, but not everybody understands the issue at hand. While we are there, we couldn't imagine a better way to show the world the imbalance we see as well as effective solutions, than through a documentary. So, we’ll be filming throughout our journey to capture the heart and souls of women who are searching for a better way.

What are you doing to prepare for the trip?

All the fun things, and the not so fun things. I'm a one way ticket, sleep in a hammock, pack a backpack type traveler—vagabonding as my mom would say. I can't exactly do that this time, however, I still have a unique plan up my sleeve. The plan consists of a car and the help of some dang good people I have met during my prior trips. Among these people, we have videographers willing to give their time, educators to share information as well as the donations we have received from supporters like you. We have sourced the products to donate, designed workshop classes to teach, and acquired the equipment needed to capture moments for the documentary and content.

We are translating documents, practicing Spanish, packing all the products, and activating bLeaders and nonprofits all over Latin America prior to our arrival. I am typically an unplanned-last-minute traveler, so this has been much different for me. Having to think about dates, details, and budget is not my wheelhouse; but I have learned I'll do just about anything to create a more powerful period.

How can we support this project?

Through this project, we are excited to kick off the campaign with a very supporting marketing team we are thankful for, Albaloo. This campaign was the focus of the team when offering their services to Divine Drops at a generously discounted rate, we are so grateful. The Traveling Mission campaign will help future projects become more streamlined and available in spaces where body literacy and a right to education and sustainable period care is needed.

Regarding donations, for as little as $10, you can provide a menstruator with this ongoing educational support and products that will continue to last through all of her life’s adventures.

Girls all around the world are sitting in silent suffering. A suffering that comes from an imbalance of hormones, a lack of understanding of their unique body, and a shame that comes with lack of good clean period care products. These simple—yet major problems—can affect a girl for the rest of her life; not just from a health perspective, but from an economical one. We see a future where girls grow with confidence and are able to welcome all of life’s changes with community and understanding.

Stay connected to learn about Mikaela’s and Divine Drops' journey through Latin America!

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